Our Heritage



XKUT was founded in March of 2003 by Gary Forney, a fourth-generation machinist and toolmaker with over 30 years of experience in the industry. After leaving his family's business, Millersburg Reamer and Tool Company, due to family conflict and a recession that ultimately led to the company's closure, Gary put all his efforts into growing XKUT and serving the customers who reached out to him.

The legacy of precision reamer manufacturing runs deep in our company with Gary's great grandfather starting Millersburg Reamer and Tool Company in 1920. It was a distinctive and characteristic industry of the town of Millersburg. The company engaged in the manufacturing of High Speed Steel and Carbon Steel Circular Metal Cutting Tools of all types for the industry since 1920. They were the originator and manufacturer of the first spiral expansion reamers ever produced. Their products were used extensively in the manufacturing field, as well as by many U.S Government Agencies, large Aircraft Plants, and Atomic Energy Plants where service and accuracy were of prime importance.

We take pride in carrying on the legacy of the precision reamer manufacturing that began with Millersburg Reamer and Tool Company, and we are committed to meeting the challenges of the future within the industry.

We also understand the importance of investing in the future of the industry. That's why we're dedicated to educating and training the next generation of machinists and toolmakers. We're committed to providing opportunities for individuals to learn and grow in the field, ensuring that we have the skilled workforce necessary to meet the evolving needs of our customers and industries we serve. We believe that by investing in the future of machinists and toolmakers, we are also investing in the future of XKUT and our ability to continue providing high-quality, American-made products to our valued customers.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to American-made quality and excellence in precision reamer manufacturing. Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality reamers and cutting tools that meet their needs and exceed their expectations. We use only the best raw materials and manufacturing processes to ensure our products are durable, precise, and offer value. We aim to be the premier choice for those in the automotive, off-road, racing, machine, and government sectors.

Our vision at XKUT is to be the leading American manufacturer of high-quality reamers and cutting tools, recognized for our precision, durability, and value. We strive to continuously innovate and improve our products and manufacturing processes to meet the evolving needs of our customers. Our goal is to be a trusted partner for those in the automotive, off-road, racing, machine, and government sectors, and to be known for our commitment to American-made quality and excellence.

Understanding the importance of precision and accuracy in the manufacturing industry, is why we specialize in ball joint & tie rod taper reamers and machine taper reamers. Our team of experienced machinists and toolmakers, led by Gary, bring unparalleled knowledge and expertise to every project. We collaborate closely with our customers to understand their specific needs and create standard and custom reamers that will meet those needs.

Join the movement of American-made precision and excellence. Contact XKUT today to learn more about our cutting-edge reamer and tool manufacturing solutions, and discover how we can help drive your success and growth.